Installing a Masso CNC


I am installing a new CNC controller in my lathe. The old one that came with the machine is not very good. There were some problems with the soft limit parameters, tool offsets, and g-code upload through RS232. I opted to switch the machine over to the relatively new Masso controller.

For some reason the power supply stopped working when I disconnected it from the old controller must be some kind of safety charge pump in it. That is OK, I will just connect it to one that is powered by 120v, the monitor needs 120v anyways. The Masso is powered by 12-24v I have a 12v on hand that I bench tested it with.


When the Masso starts up it is locked by its E-stop input, I hooked it up to the old e-stop.


Found the connector pins layout. Confirmed the pin function with a volt meter on the direction pair. It moves now!

Checked the steps per revolution on the chart also provided in the data sheet for the stepper motor driver. Set that in Masso.


Masso Encoder Wiring

GSK Encoder Wiring

How should I wire up the encoder? I am thinking PA+ PB+ PZ+ to the inputs on the Masso, 5V+ and 0V to a power supply, PA- PB- PZ- to the common ground on the power supply?


Figured that out. The encoder on the machine is a differential encoder and the masso only accepts single end wiring. This can be fixed by just attaching the low end to the ground on each pair.


I’m curious if that works! Have you had much opportunity to test it?


hi ,

my name is satya from , i am also masso cnc controller on lathe turning machine,

i have done with wiring with both axis i.e x and z axis, home censor.

i am just stuck up cycle start and and wiring drawing.

Can u plesae help me in the wiring.


Satya Kotta


The Masso is working decently well!


What is the issue you are having?


what is input values i.e Minimum and maximum distance for x axis and z axis