Insights on building keyboards for MNT Reform laptop

Happy 2023!

While unable to devote time to making, I have learned that an overseas company makes open hardware laptops. At least two people have created ergonomic keyboards for their laptops.

Vancouver Makers seem the most likely community that could help people who are unable to tackle open hardware projects.

MNT in Germany is developing devices we can make and repair that includes a laptop with off-the-shelf lithium cells and other repairable parts.

How likely is a Vancouver Maker to help make a custom keyboard for someone else?

Deeper Details and Follow-up Items

  1. How much effort would you expect to invest making this laptop?

  2. What kind of costs would this involve?

  3. How easy is treating the project as a supervised hands-on course?

  4. News: Community mod ergo layout

  5. News: Ergo layout revealed at Seattle Meetup

  6. I use a Kinesis Advantage2 and ZSA Moonlander

  7. Keyboards likely better on a laptop:

    1. ADM42
    2. Gergo Plex ( currently closed)
  8. Slick closed hardware repairable laptop: Framework

  9. Images from MNT newsletter

    2. Seattle meetup picture
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I’m confused, are you asked for someone to quote on this?

HI, Tom!

If the folks in the hackspace community tackle work like this, I would love to invite quotes on the effort.

I’m a low-level do-it-yourselfer. I imagine folks in the hackspace have personal projects and passions to completely fill their attention.