[Incident report] and discussion about safety for our unhoused neighbours

Hi all,

This morning around 10am I found an individual (likely homeless based on the condition of his clothing and our subsequent conversation) unconscious on the lawn next to VHS. He said his name is Mark. I asked Mark if he was ok and he replied yes, coherently, indicating that he was conscious and responsive, so I offered him some water (which he declined) and left him alone after asking if he can either remain upright and awake or move along.

About 2 hours later @adheesh arrived and noticed that Mark was unconscious in the same spot, so we queried him once more, and he responded coherently. I didn’t notice it the first time but this time I saw he had a wound on his ankle with some dressings that were at least a few days old, crusted with dried blood, and flies were buzzing around his ankle, so I brought him a cup of water and some fresh dressings for his wounds from VHS’ first aid kit, which he thanked us for. I offered to help him re-dress his wounds but he declined saying that he could re-bandage himself, so I left those materials with him. When I went to check on him about 10 minutes later he was not there, so he moved on somewhere.

I checked to see if any of the following items I took from VHS’ first aid kit need to be restocked, but we have plenty of them: antimicrobial wipes, sterile dressings, gauze wrap, elastic bandages.

Fortunately we did not need the naloxone kit today, but just a reminder that the space has one (and also a couple of pulse oximeters hanging with the naloxone kits), however if you’re not comfortable dealing with this kind of situation, please do not hesitate to call 911.


Good on you for helping out!


Good on you John. My brother also works in a place where homeless sometimes congregate. They all keep a list of places for: free showers, free food, addiction treatment, getting a social worker ect.


Thanks, yeah Mark was saying that what would be most helpful to him in that moment is somewhere he can have a shower. Hope he finds one.


This place is pretty great. Laundry, showers, a cafe, and lots of other programs.


There is a lot of literature about this in the entrance area to the Britannia Library. I will gather some info, scan it and post it on this page or slack.

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Thank you!