Important for whoever voted in the paint and mess room poll

I didn’t know you could change to see who voted on what option, so for anyone who voted on the ‘Take’ option for some of the equipment, please respond here with what you voted to take!

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I voted take on the air compressor, but it looks like someone else also did - i’m happy to defer to them if they still want it, since i have no specific use for it in mind. Otherwise i’ll pick it up on wednesday!

Well, if the other person doesn’t respond to this post by then, you are free to take it!

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I voted to take the following items:

  • 3d resin printer and hand-made curing box

  • Car buffer wheel

  • finish max super spray gun (however, there is another “take” vote, so whoever that is has first dibs, I’ll take it if they don’t want it)

  • A small air compressor/pump (there seems to be 3 votes to “take” this one) coin toss?

Noted - the 3d printer, cure box, and buffer are yours - feel free to take those at anytime!

As for the sprayer and air compressor, that’ll definitely be more of a toss-up - I think if the other person who voted for the sprayer doesn’t respond by Wednesday, you are free to take it. And if the third person who voted for the air compressor doesn’t respond by then too, then it’s just a toss up between you two.

I was the other person, I’m in the same boat - don’t want to see it be junked but don’t have a specific use for it.

For those of you who voted to take stuff perhaps consider dropping some $$ in the VHS Donatio box if the items that you’re taking have some value.

All these items were originally donated to VHS.

It sounds like you want it the most of the three of us, @hectorh - I think it’s yours!

I’m planning to use it to try out air brushing and see if it’s a hobby I would like. I’ll pick it up and let you both know if I don’t use it in case you got a use for it. Thanks!

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If you need tips on airbrushing, I’m more than happy to help guide you!
Some stuff I’ve airbrushed -


@cory @hectorh gentle reminder for you two to pick up the items you wished to get!

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