Idea: VHS traffic light social buttons


So this is a concept taken from autism and disability conferences, where some attendees get worn out and want to be there, but have no social energy left.

I’d like to propose making a little dish of buttons up at the front that members (and even non-members) can wear when the place gets busy.

Green - You’re open to giving tours, meeting new people, and want to show off what you’re working on. Green can also be helpful for shy people who wish to start conversations and make new friends, but struggle to initiate. It tells people that you want to be approached.

Yellow - You’re busy, but still willing to socialize with close friends or people you already know. No tours or strangers. Please keep your questions quick if you have them.

Red - You are busy or tired or just don’t want to talk to anyone. Only interact if you absolutely must, but try to direct your questions and banter elsewhere.

(anyone can speak to a red or yellow button about major safety concerns, or waiting to use a machine, etc)

Any thoughts or ideas to add?


I’d add black for “leave me alone unless the building is on fire” and blue for ask-me-anything… which would be useful for the people giving tours


we do have a button maker, let’s get on that.


Possibly a spot to dry-erase in a name?


Lol. “Please don’t talk to me, my name is ______________” lol


I love the idea.

Mine will say “Hot dogs are tacos, change my mind.”


Y’all are vastly overestimating the size of a 1.5" pin…

Also, burritos are sandwiches.


It wouldn’t be VHS if we didn’t over-complicate something simple like this. But a coin cell, some LEDs and a little micro is totally feasible and could create all kinds of space.


I have a TON of attiny chips around here somewhere…


I really like the idea! Button party?


I’d add a proximity sensor to that. Green if everyone is more than 3 meters away, changing to yellow as they get with in 2 meters and then red for that last meter. :slight_smile:


Woo hoo! Last night was a success!
Now if y’all want blinky robot buttons, do it yourself! :stuck_out_tongue: