I would like to host an event, how?


I would like to create an event titled:

"Low cost DIY analytical devices using sensor circuits and analytical methods for testing water quality, food contamination, biohacking and more! "

December 13th/14th would be a good date, it would take around 2 hours and I would present two analytical devices I had made with commercial sensors and how they could be used for interesting things. I have already had members mention they would be interested in such a talk, just want to formalize it.



This page has some links on the bottom that have a lot of helpful information for running workshops:


(Also some requests if anyone else wants to run any!)

Your next step would be to finalise a date, and then get a keyholder to bottomline it - But you’re a new keyholder yourself, aren’t you? Congrats! :smiley:

If you set a date and time, someone will add it to the calendar, or give you calendar access. If you want access to the blog to write a news post, we can do that, too. And social media, too.


I’ll be running an event on the 13th (its on the calendar) but it’ll only be utilizing the woodshop. As a keyholder, you can bottom-line your own event, but even still I recommend having someone around to help with the door, or designating someone to help out who is an early arrival :).

I had few suggestions last night in here which are useful for hosting in general:

Congratulations and thank you for this. Confirm a date and specific times, calendar will happen, then start advertising the event and prepping!


Thank you!


Sweet thanks @nikita sounds interesting!


14th would work fine, 7pm. Lets set this date and time.
Can we put this on the calendar?


Awesome @nikita !!! Thanks!


Looks like this didn’t get added to the calendar which I’ll do now. Is the 14th at 7 pm still good or would you like to push this out to the new year (just a suggestion as it’s a busy time so turn out might be low). Also let me know how long the event will go.

Thanks Nikita! Looks interesting.


Is in the calendar - Dec 14th


I spoke to Nikita and unfortunately this event isn’t happening this week as he has had to leave town urgently. Hopefully we can reschedule this early in the new year.