I’m putting a WiFi router into a wall charger!

Hey gang,

I’m super stoked my project just got featured on Hackaday. I’m just sharing it here as some people might be interested, I’ll be building up all the board at the hackspace and will probably update this post with progress and notes :grinning:. Next week I’m hoping to finish the board layout and order all the bits, hoping that toaster over reflow is still working, lol.

On a more self-plug note, I’ve opened up a small consulting company by the name of “Interrupt Labs,” if anyone needs firmware or EE work done, I would love to be connected!



Walker Great boards and website.

I have a question for VHS.
I see http://interruptlabs.ca/ is using 1601 Venables St,
This will attract people and probably mail as well, even if Walker uses another shipping address.
How to support this?

Its great you are doing this, and I will keep you in mind for small projects, I never have time for :wink:

Oh, yeah, lol.

Sorry I did that for kicks when I was making the site I’ll change it.

There was a second hackaday feature if anyone is interested.

All the boards will hand assembled at VHS, reflow oven working great!


Looks pretty nifty Ryan!

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Post 4

I’m not sure if anyone else is working in hardware right now, but this chip shortage isn’t fun :frowning:

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I’ve designed about three variations for every “risky” component I have to design in, so I can smoothly swap it out when the component disappears.

It feels like playing whackamole

Good luck and godspeed.