I have a compressor, does VHS want it

I have a portable, 11 (not 8) gallon, 2.5 HP heavy duty compressor. It is in good shape and it works well. Produces more air than I’ve ever needed. It needs a new drain valve (~$7). Getting rid of it as it keeps tripping my breaker due to too many things plugged into the circuit in my garage (draws 13 amps, needs a dedicated 15+ amp circuit). Does VHS want it, if not I’ll post it on CL for $100

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I’m not definitely saying no, but VHS does have central air thanks to @Metal_Janet and others. I suspect we don’t need this.

And we have two other compressors. I think we’re ok!

We are rocking a few more horses than that on our plumbed shop air, so I think we’re going to have to pass, but thanks for the offer.

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Is this still available? :slight_smile: