I am wondering does VHS external event rental for a small woodworking assembling?


My company is thinking about renting a table in with access to basic woodworking equipment like chop saw, small bandsaw, and a disc sander. Do you think VHS can provide this service. I know VHS is a non-profile but I figure I’ll ask anyway.


Hi Henry,

Are you looking for a permanent work space, or for tools to bring to a site?

VHS has a fully equipped wood shop with all of the tools you mentioned, but it is a shared space all of the time. VHS tools are not allowed to leave the building. You are welcome to come down on one of the open house nights to check out the space and learn more about how it operates. The calendar is here: Events Calendar - Vancouver Hack Space

If you need to bring tools somewhere else, the Vancouver Tool Library has most of the things on your list: https://vancouvertoollibrary.com/

If you are looking to rent a dedicated studio/shop space, MakerLabs may be able to accommodate you: https://www.makerlabs.com/