Human Centered Design Course


Anyone interested in taking this free online course with weekly in-person group meetings? It’s meant for a team of 2-6 and runs for 9 weeks (Sep 12 - No 14).

I’ve taken it before, and it’s chock full of practical tools to help you improve your design skills. It’s primarily directed towards solutions for driving social change, but the skills are easily transferable to any solution that is meant real people.

You need to be able to commit about 5 hours per week: 1-2 hours per week on your own and 2-3 hours of in-person group work.

Nothing set in stone yet, but I am thinking the in-person meetings would be held Monday 6-9ish at VHS.


I just checked this out and it does look really impressive. Here is the link they gave me :

"I’ve just signed up to take +Acumen &’s free course, Introduction to Human-Centered Design. I know we’ve talked about how we can learn to think more creatively and ‘like a designer,’ and I think this course will do just that! Join me at
There’s actually no details about the content of the course at all,
but as of now I’m interested for sure.

Thanks @JDMc


The link I posted above outlines the expectations and material covered in the course.

There is also a video posted which introduces Human Centered Design:

The actual content becomes available when the course starts. Many of the tools and techniques are freely available at