HP laptop OOPS



New post, new issue. I was replacing the damaged keyboard on my mom’s HP laptop and managed to disconnect the ribbon cable from on/off power button.

Any fine soldering skills around here?

Was thinking of stripping the lines, set in place and use my heat gun to solder them back together. Just need to make sure I keep it far away to not burn the circuit.

Here’s the pick for attention. If anyone has another suggestion, I’d appreciate it.


Can you bring it in tomorrow at around 1 pm?
I can try it, but can’t say if will get back as it was.


That’s going to be tricky if it makes it it too short to connect properly at the blue end (where does that go? You might have some luck replacing the whole cable. Check out Lee’s electronics - they sell flexcable. You’d just need to buy or buy and then cut one to have the number of pins you need. I would do any soldering by hand and avoid the heatgun. Too much risk of melting stuff around that area.

We have a couple of stations with really fine tips that I think would work great for this.

The other possibility is checking out old compnents in the 3week pin that might have a flex cable you can harvest.


I am most likely not coming tomorrow, so don’t make the trip for the laptop.


I’d bring it in on Open Night - on Tuesday. Lots of people will be around who may have more advice.


No worries man, thanks for the offer. I managed to strip the 4 links, just need a fine soldering tip to finish this.


Same place? What time?


7:30 pm Tuesday is the open house.