How to setup virtual game night for Drawful2

Ok everyone is house bound and there is nothing like a little board game night to say connected. So here is a free (for now) way to get everyone to play drawful 2 together.

Drawful 2 is a simple game, everyone starts by drawing a picture based on the prompt, then one picture is show to everyone and the people who did not draw that picture guess at what the original artist was trying to draw. Then the real answer is mixes in with everyone’s guesses and people try to find the real prompt. It is a little bit of silly fun when your art is good or bad.

Right now Drawful 2 is free on steam. Only one person needs to have download and host the game. Everyone else can just play on their phone, and watch the screen through a screen sharing app like discord.

Set up for host

First download steam and download drawful 2 it is free right now. Run drawful 2 and click start a game. You will then be taken to a screen with a 4 letter code. That is the room code you need to share with your players so they can join your game.

Then you need to setup discord. Get all your players to join the same discord server. Join a voice channel and click stream game in the lower left and corner. Choose drawful 2 and now you are streaming your game screen to everyone in the channel and they can all see the game screen.

As a player. (and host)

On your phone, open a web browser and go to enter the 4 digit room code the host have given you. That should take you to the game room. Follow the instruction from there.

Also join the discord server where the host is streaming. Join the voice channel on the left hand side. The host’s name should have a LIVE icon beside it showing that he or she is streaming. Simply right click the host’s name and you will see a join stream option. Once you click that button, you should be able to see the game screen. By joining the voice chat, you should also be able to talk to each other.

Once everyone is in the game, the first person to join should have a button on his or her phone that says “everyone’s in” click that button to start the game.

That is it. Just follow the game’s instruction from there and you are on your way to a wonderful night of drawful 2. These instructions would work for a lot of other Jackbox games. Have a good time and keep yourself sane out there.