How to send email from my NAS to myself?

I have a NAS setup in my house and I want it to send alert emails as needed.
Can I do that via I have tried to research it on my own… so far none of my test emails get through.
If you have the know how, please link me to a valid tutorial or something.
Thank you!

You have to create an app password, then you can use the usual SMTP authn mechanisms

Does that still work? I thought Google disabled app passwords and now requires you to create a developer account and go through a review process to use Gmail in a non-standard way. At least, that’s what I found when I wanted to use Gmail IMAP from a shell script. That was only for receiving emails, though.

Yahoo does still support a similar style of app password, FYI. That’s what I ended up using.

I still have the option here: :man_shrugging:


App Passwords can only be used with accounts that have 2-Step Verification turned on.

You should have this turned on for all your important google accounts!

Maybe it’s because you already had it enabled before the change? I think on new accounts (I needed a burner account for specific event) maybe you can’t.

In any case, if that option is still available, that’s great!

@iMakeRobots, here is a tutorial: How to Send SMTP Email using Raspberry Pi

There’s nothing in there that’s really specific to RPi, it should be similar on any Linux machine.