How to record an online (goto) webinar that isn't going to be recorded? Thanks!



I am trying to record a live “gotowebinar” event (not recorded), any software you like (and use)? Thank you!

A quick online search yields the following software:

(1) CamStudio (OpenSource, on the website, the download link redirects to malaware)

(2) Acethinker

(3) Camtasia

(4) Snagit

Suggestions greatly appreciated!



I have used and like Camtasia.


Hopefully this doesn’t need to be said, but please ensure that you have the permission from the webinar creator. If you do not, this will likely constitute copy right infringement.


For work I have recorded using Teamviewer. I created a meeting, shared my screen, and recorded it. I was the only one in said meeting.


Thank you for your suggestions and sharing your experiences!
“A one person meeting” is quite innovative way of recording!


It was lonely. :frowning:


I have and use Camtasia. Aint free but it works really well.