How to get all the food out of squeeze bottles (Ketchup, mayo etc)

So lots of condiments, especially for use at BBQ come in upside down squeeze bottles when the opening is on the bottom. We have few of these in the fridge and short of cutting them open and using a spatula, there doesn’t seem to be a good way to get the left over stuff out, which from cutting one open can be a fair bit on condiment.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to solve “this problem”?


Lol, I doubt my wife would appreciate that in the kitchen, but good idea.

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the redneck centrifuge technique: hold it firmly by the bottom with the lid closed, and fling your arm downwards without letting go

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I’ve done that many times, what ends up happening is that as soon as you open it, it’s spurts out making a big ol mess :frowning: and still lots of stuff still in the bottle.

I use these devices for my toothpaste and acrylic paint tubes. They come in various designs, sizes and materials. They work well and allow you to get almost everything out of the tube with almost no fuss.

before you fling the arm downward, open the bottle, squeeze some air out then close it up. After you fling all the contents to the end, the slight negative pressure is typically enough to prevent splattering. when it’s opened a little bit of air should be pulled into the container

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Add the last bits to a soup or other sauce by mixing in some stock, vinegar, etc. and using that to rinse it out into whatever food I’m making. ex: using up the last of some BBQ sauce into some chilli, I might take some liquid from canned tomatoes and pour that into the BBQ sauce bottle, give it a good shake, and pour it out into the chilli. rinse and repeat a couple of times and you’re left with just a few watered down drops in the bottle.

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