How to convert an image (jpeg, png or svg) file to closed contour dxf file


I have a few photographs to convert to dxf.
I tried the following:
(1) Opened in Inkscape and saved it as both .svg and .dxf file (Doesn’t work)
(2) Imported the Inkscape .svg file in Autodesk Fusion 360 (Error message: Bad file: No or missing information and doesn’t display anything from the photo).

Suggestions appreciated, Thank you!



You will need to convert the imported image into vector paths in order to export it as a dxf.

Inkscape has a tool to do this conversion, but there are different types and settings depending on what you are trying to do. The Trace Bitmap tool is under the Path menu.

If you provide a little more insight into what you are actually trying to do, may be able to provide more assistance.


Thank you, I will try it!


If you’re planning on etching the photos, you can import them directly into LaserCAD using the methods described here:


Thank you! Apt link!


If you are lazy, there is an online tool for dithering:
I’ve used it to some degree of success, YMMV


Thank you Mimi, tried it and is quite easy!