How do we feel about a woodcutting bandsaw loan?

Okay, well since I am driving out east and I am fond of my car looking like I am doing a Clampetts cosplay…

I am considering loaning a 14" band saw to the space, model is a general international 90-125
Manual here:

Its your standard 14" delta cast iron clone with a decent sized table. Theoretically can fit a 3/4" blade but it doesn’t like it. 1/2" and 1/8" work great though. Has 6" resaw (how thick) capacity and 13.5" throat depth (how wide). This is for cutting wood only, if someone tries to cut metal on it I will smack you.

As for our existing bandsaw, I am not sure the exact specs, but I think its an 8" or 9" wheel, which means it would have less than 4" of resaw and probably no more than 9" of throat depth, so this would be a wee bit of an improvement

Its mounted on a stand which then sits on wheeled base that can be dropped to the ground for stability, or jacked up and rolled out of the way.

Power is a 1hp, 10 amp motor, its 120v as wired now but can be rewired for 220 (5 amp). There is no real change in power for the saw between the two unless you have a long power cord and voltage drop becomes an issue.

My only concern would be that people treat it nicely and not break it, as the company has since gone under and parts are a little harder to find. You won’t break it through normal use, but if you start trying to play silly buggers well…

I will offer training, the only thing people are likely to have to do regularly is changing blades and setting up the guides. I have a printed manual that runs through it step by step (see page 21 in the above linked pdf manual) which makes it pretty straight forward if you can follow directions, if you try to wing it it won’t end well.

It does also have a blade tension release which helps with blade life, but can get amusing if you forget to retension the blade before firing it up.

We will work out some sort of loan agreement like what was proposed a few years back and @Majicj posted on slack: Tool donations and loans at the space

TL:DR - its my bandsaw, the space and its members can use it, if I get my ass banned its presence in the shop does not allow me access except to retrieve it (with proper notice), I understand that people might break it (but please don’t), please don’t “fix” it, sell it or trash it without permission, if I get raptured/abducted/sublimed and disappear for several months/years and you want to get rid of it but cant reach me after several attempts, well I guess you can sell it because I am clearly beyond caring for material goods.

Only issue I can see is who pays for blades? I will supply a couple off the start, but ongoing I think I am going to keep some sharp ones for myself in my bin. Cost is $25-50 for a half inch blade (depending on tooth count and fancyness), they are standard 93.5" blades which are pretty common 14" bandsaw length, for cutting wood they can last a long time. Once it gets to the point that you have to apply pressure to the wood to cut… yeah its time for a new blade, it gets hard on the machine to try to force a dull blade though. Share you thoughts on how we swing blade purchases below.

So, new bandsaw?

  • new bandsaw
  • no new bandsaw

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1 HP motor you say. I vote YES to allowing the new motor in the space. :smiley:

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I would like to amend my above post to indicate that the motor will be attached to the bandsaw with tamper resistant bolts, and also note that the shade of green on its the motor would totally clash with the green of the lathe.


Can 1 HP be conveyed by flexible shaft? :smile:
But yes. Good saw is good.

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