House cleaning sale

Hey there VHSers. I’m cleaning house (literally!) and flogging a wide variety of stuff on craigslist, some of which might be of use to other members. If anything in this list is of interest to you let me know here, or on Slack, or via PM, and ask for the “VHS discount”. :slight_smile:

1 Million Candlepower 12v Spotlight - $40
4U rackmount case - $100
Fluke Network analyzers - $600
Multiple APC UPS - $25
Network Switches - $30
Nortel Meridian PBX and Phones - $200
Panasonic PBX and Phones - $200
Rotary Phone - $20
ThinkPad Docking Station type 2504 - $20
Watercooled GTX 980Ti 6GB WINDFORCE 3X - $800