Hornby Spark Open House June 19th and Tour Video


Hi everyone,
I want to share with you a project I have been working on for a long time and am very pleased to be taking it into a new phase… On May 31st we took possession of the old Hornby Island Fire hall and are opening a Makerspace on Hornby Island “The Hornby Spark” aka the Spark Hall

I know you must be wondering why you should even care… well once upon a time I was a VHS Member and my experience there has really been a driving force behind making this Hornby space a reality…
So thank you VHS for your do-ocracy attitude that rubbed off! :smiley:

Here is a quick little pre tour of the space.

I know our open house is happening on a week day, however we would like to extend a hearty invitation to anyone that would like to make the journey :slight_smile:

and even if you don’t make it for the open house, if you are in the hood do look us up :slight_smile:


And yes that is a radio tower…
911 is still using VHF on the tower so we can’t do anything in that band… but I am sure there is something we could do… :slight_smile:


That looks awesome and full of potential! From the commentary, during what I guess was a sort of founding meeting, with the video, I also really like the idea of the “hub”/social aspect of this.

Nice job!


Yeah that was at our last AGM everyone when around the room and spoke about what it was that excited them about the space.
On the island, especially in the winter there are not a lot of warm dry places to socialize and just hang out… and with our community school burning down a week before school started last year we are even shorter on community space. I am super stoked for winter projects this year :slight_smile:

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