Homework Assignment: 2017 Workshop and Classes!


Hey everyone!

It’s December, the year is nearing its end and it’s a good time to look both back on 2016 and forward to 2017!

What kind of workshops have you enjoyed? Or what kind of workshops would you like to see? Or would you like to organize a workshop in the near(er) future? Comment with likes, suggestions or maybe put out an offer for a workshop and see how people feel?


I absolutely loved running the steam bending workshop I had a blast running it (thanks to all the attendees). I absolutely want to put on more workshops in the coming year.

Workshops I’d like to put on in 2017:

"Presenting the Thickness Sander"
Probably just a quick intro once I have it running to introduce (and promote) the thickness sander. The tool should be done by January so I should be able to do this mid January.

"Bootstrapping the Workshop"
I’d like to do a multi-part series where people come and help build odds and ends for the workshop. Mostly intended at as a hone your skills/learn some new ones/make little things to make us better/safer.
First workshop(s) would be making featherboards (and how to use them), push sticks/blocks, and possibly making some clamps (you can never have too many). I’d love additional suggestions on this.

"For every wood, turn turn turn. An Intro to the Wood Lathe"
I got my first taste of a wood lathe and I’d like to do more. If I can get to a level where I’m confident, then I’d like to put on some workshops where we can practice and share skills.

"Let’s Get Bent! - A night of wood bending."
I’d really like to have a repeat of this night, probably will space this out a bit since I have so many other things going on, and since we just had one.


The HAM radio lessons were second to none. Massive thanks to @toptekkie for running this. Learned a ton, and have a licence out of it!


i’m kinda thinking of doing something on "Servos and Animatronics"
more an overview/primer than an actual workshop…
go over what i have learned on the few servo controlled animatronic thingies i have made…
won’t be till spring/summer as i want to get a presentation together…


The Python class put on by Bill with help from Ty and Jarrett has been

In 2017 we should defnitely run more programming courses.


I still want to do that modular design workshop I’ve been talking about for the past couple of years.


I feel it is worthwhile posting this in case anyone wants advice/reading material on running a workshop/class.



I’ll continue to run intro to arduino classes, but maybe only once a month. I want to pare back the kit price down to the bare essentials covered in class, and then offer more… first hour, basic stuff; second hour, something unique every time.

In July I’d like to do a WS2811 LED so people can make lights for burning man or get their xmas ready early.

In September I want to do an EL wire bike decor class. it gets dark out there!

At some point I’d like to do a KiCAD class.

So far away for now it’s just talk.


I’d like to get back in the RC saddle once the weather is reliable again. We can do a group “finish the FT explorer” session, a learn to fly session, maybe an FT Mini Sparrow build session (next time I will LASER ALL THE THINGS, I promise!)


I’d like to run a tablesaw workshop sometime in January. I’m concerned about the fact that there is no requirement for members to be trained or, if they are experienced, checked out on the use of the tablesaw prior to being permitted to use it. I’m happy to run the workshop every couple of months or as demand requires.