Home VPN

Plan on setting up a home VPN for both our private traffic and our open wifi.

To those who have a home VPN.

  1. How do you handle gmail, bank cookies, thinking you are not a legitimate user because you are connecting from an unfamiliar IP address.

  2. Is the bandwidth decrease, latency increase significant?
    If this is a problem. I could perhaps set up multiple networks.

    • Very secure Tor VPN for open wifi.
    • Very secure Tor VPN for private traffic.
    • Fast minimum VPN for high bandwidth
    • From your experience is there a need for a Non VPN network?
  3. What hardware/software do you use? Would you recommend it or something else?

  4. A free VPN or a paid VPN?

Thanks everyone.
What else do you do to protect your meta data privacy? My family uses the same email account for all our phones. One user with multiple phones. On top of that we use Signal and other email accounts for private communications.

setting up a home VPN
How do you handle gmail, bank cookies,

So, I have a home VPN, but I do not think that’s what you’re asking about.

My home firewall allows VPN clients to connect, and participate in my home LAN as though they were physically there. all the traffic on my laptop then traverses the VPN tunnel, and egresses from my home IP. like this:

But from your questions, what I think you’re trying to do is configure your home router to itself be a VPN client to someone else’s VPN server. for that scenario,

1, 2: depends on your chosen VPN provider.

3, depends on what supports the VPN/tunneling choices made available by your VPN provider,

  1. the choice that determines all else. also, you could consider just spinning an instance in EC2, and creating a site-site VPN tunnel from your home router to that instance, and get the exact same “benefit”.

Just a heads up, VPN does not necessarily mean safer. Remember, there is some amount of trust you are placing into your VPN provider. Unsecured traffic, as well as deep packet inspection can still be viewed by the VPN itself.

You have to ask yourself, are you the client, the product, or both, and what are the motivations behind the provider.

In a similar fashion to gmail, you might be the product, not the client (or if you pay for gmail space, you are both).

My goals is to hid meta data. The reason I wish to hid meta data, is that it can be used to determine who I associate with. My political views in support of accountable democracy and independent judiciary will be harmful to my friends where these rights and privileges are no longer enjoyed. I understand that a VPN that shares logs, is actually worse than no VPN at all.

I understand that an app the shows that arp/ip address of connected devices will completely subvert the privacy. This is the reason my family is all canceling our facebook, whatsapp usage. I would like to de-google. I am setting up protonmail accounts for everyone in my family. And hope over time for these to become our primary email.
The open wifi access must be over a separate tor vpn, so that visitors don’t compromise the network privacy with their apps usage.

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I like the idea that i can connect back into my home private network through a VPN. This would allow me to work on my home solidworks station from a remote computer.