Histogram of Open Hours @ VHS


I keep not going/planning on heading in to VHS because I’m never “certain” it’ll be open when I can make it (and I’m not a keyholder); I know that isvhsopen.com tells you if it currently is open, but doesn’t really tell you if it’ll be open later this evening or what have you.

Anyway, I poked around the http://api.hackspace.ca/ and made a little js snippet that reads in the history and displays it!

live version here: http://codepen.io/algrant/full/PqLaxL/

So yeah, essentially open most evenings - but it seems the best bets are Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays. (also check calendar, etc… or know keyholders)

Also maybe someone did this already, I just haven’t seen it yet… but it was a fun project either way!

Update open hours histogram

You are my hero ! DataLove 3>

If you are willing, Push your code to VHS’s Github account


funny, i was thinking about doing this last saturday. glad someone beat me to it!


Is there a new link for a VHS API?




Found it: https://api.vanhack.ca