Help with some CNC wooden Letters (Plywood)

Hello everyone,
since I had no training with the CNC machine, I am looking for some help with a rather time sensitive project.

I need to to cut some large wooden Letters ( 14"x14" | 35x35cm) out of 5/8″​ or 3/4″​ Plywood.
I would do these with a laser cutter but I heard it would take the laser a long time if at all possible!

The Design is simple and 2D.

Are you able to make up the thickness out of 2 or 3 thinner sheets glued together? That could be a workaround to do it on the laser if you are pressed for time.

That became my Plan B, since the Letter are for an outdoor Sign and I am not so sure what the rain will do to them!
If you think it will hold up, I could reconsider the Laser option!

I imagine if you use a waterproof glue like Titebond 3, and seal it with a good finish, it should last a long time. I’m sure there’s someone else here who could offer more useful advice.

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Yeah if you’re in time crunch the laser cutter is the way to go. You could either laminate multiple layers together, or you could cut a template and then use bandsaw/jigsaw to rough cut the letters out of thicker material, and then trim it precisely using a router with a template routing bit.

Titebond 2 and Titebond 3 are waterproof, then you can use an exterior grade paint or polyurethane finish to seal it.

I have some sheets of 1/4" Baltic birch plywood available for purchase at the space (I’m selling them at cost for $20 per 30x30" sheet).

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Thank you for the Advice. It seems like Laser cutting wins!
@JohnC How many sheets do you have? I need at least 6 30x30" sheets.

This is exactly how i would go about this with a trim router. The only downside though is that you’ll never get perfectly sharp corners. You’ll need to bust out a chisel to finish it out.

Not sure. I think I have 6. They’re stored underneath one of the A-frame whiteboards and labelled with my name.

Thank you John, I will let you know if I need them.

If you are looking to contract this out (and expect superb results), @Hekseskudd may be able to run this on his machine.

Thanks for the kind reference Luke!