Help on a quick band saw job on Friday (may 31)?

Hi everyone, I’m working on an art installation and I’ve been given an urgent task to finish by Sat. I’m not a member yet, so feel free to boot this post if it’s not allowed. I did take the tour and have been on the fence about joining since, I just didn’t have hackspace-y projects going on. It appears now I do! If someone is available to help on Friday, I would be happy to get off the fence and buy the membership before coming in :slight_smile:

A little about me: I’m a beginner-ish designer/programmer, my education and curiosities are in cognitive science, I like art (particularly the new media kind), and I’d love to start making stuff!

The job involves cutting the ends of some (hollow?) 8" long, 1/2" diameter plastic pins. There’s less than 50 of them i think. Seems like a straightforward job but I’ve never touched a band saw…
Hope this request is compatible with your space’s rules, and if so, that some kind, band-saw-wielding person has a bit of time to spare on Friday. I can bring you a snack :slight_smile:

Thanks! Looking forward to joining vhs now or in the near future!

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Hi Dayana, if you happen to be available today before 4pm you could sign up to be a member and then I could show you how to use the bandsaw. I’m not available tomorrow unfortunately though.


Hey John, I can try to make it! Say 2:30-3:00? I’ll grab the membership now :slight_smile:

thank you!!

sounds good!

my eta is 3:05

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Thanks @JohnC for helping out a new member.