Help Move Woodworking Trash To City Dump/Recycling

UPDATE: Garbage run on Sunday 19th January, 2020 at 11 am.

Hello VHS’ers,
You may have noticed a large pile of woodworking trash by the barn doors recently. VHS needs help moving that to the trash + recycling depot in the city. That means we get more space in the woodworking area.

*(Except the black-smith stuff, the broom, cleaning supplies. I will be there to point out.
I just wanted to give more info on the type of rubbish.)

Here is what we need to make that happen:

1 Driver: Someone to grab one of the modo trucks that we are allowed to have large objects in. I have lost my driver’s license and am currently trying to find it. This this little work party is (mostly) dependent on when you can drive the truck.

3 (maybe 4) Haulers: People to haul that stuff out of the wood working area and into the truck.

I will be helping with the hauling and paying for for the garbage disposal at the city. My only ask is that we do this after the 15th January, 2020.

Please feel free to contact:
Talk/forum: @Lantana
Slack: @La


Have a picture of the pile? I have minivan with seats that fold down, so could likely hold a lot. Not a City of Van resident not sure if they check that when taking to municpal waste sites.

North Vancouver transfer station is closer to VHS. Doesn’t matter residence of person dropping off, but much shorter drive than E Kent in Vancouver. I’m assuming the group show up to load, and then two people take it away and unload it? I can only do this on a weekend, but would like to be in the loop.


I can certainly help load and unload!


For reference, A picture of the pile we are getting rid of.

Except the black-smith stuff, the broom, cleaning supplies. I will be there to point out.
I just wanted to give more info on the type of rubbish.

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Not sure if the tall metal stuff will fit in, that looks long, but rest should be good. Happy to help out and be the driver after Jan 15.

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Do those light fluorescent light fixtures work? If so I’ll post a free ad and have someone pick them up.

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I would like to be there to help load things up. Please let me know when!

Also how can we participate in the dumping fees?

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Even if they don’t work or need ballast someone may pick them up. Not a bad idea.

Ok I’ll post an ad for the light fixtures.

There’s more junk wood scraps on the west wall, assuming this also needs to be removed? A large portion of it is sheetrock which can stay

Those were the pieces of wood I thought we could keep for future infrastructure projects in the woodworking area. We need a bunch of shelving for the area.

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@chadleaman do you have time on the 18th January or 19th January to take stuff to the dump? It seems most people will have time on the weekend to help load stuff up.

@Reuben I was just going to ride in the minivan pay the fees when we get to the dump. Not sure how to spread cost cause I don’t know how much it will be in the first place (haven’t thought that far yet)

Whenever I’ve been to the transfer station with a full load from VHS dumping fees are typically anywhere from $50-$100.

Also Fluorescent lights are banned from transfer stations.
For complete list of banned items see ->

Your best bet for these are one of the [Regional Recycling Vancouver] centers ( .

There is one at 960 Evans Ave.


@Lantana I can do earlier in day on the 18th, or later on day on the 19th. :slight_smile:

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If you decide on either day, I will drop by and help out.

Did any of the light fixtures come with the building or are those VHS’? In case of the former, has that been cleared with the landlord?

I think Sunday 19th would work. What time can you make it to drive stuff down to the transfer station?

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Hey checked with Mrs. Leaman. Sunday anytime is good. 11 AM work for all? Only catch is if the roads look like they do today, I dont have winter tires so might be hard to get to the space. But shpuld be good by then for sure.

11 am sounds good. I’ll update shit and let people know.


Thanks for making that run. Really appreciated and will make a huge difference for the woodshop/DMZ zone. You folks are awesome.