Help cutting a great big hole in the roof of my van


Hey all!

If you’ve been in the space in the last week you might have seen me working on my camper van conversion. It’s now come to the stage that I need to cut a 14" x 14" hole in the roof for the fan. I could probably use an extra pair of hands and access to the garage if anyone is free and willing to help on an evening in the next few days?

Can repay you with beer or snacks (after the power tools are put away :stuck_out_tongue:)


We can for sure use the loading bay, as long as we leave it cleaner than we found it and work after business hours.

What are you planning on using? Sawzall? Angle grinder? Angry punching?


Are you going to be there Sun afternoon/late afternoon?


I’m no expert but was planning on using the jigsaw with the metal blade and maybe the angle grinder if that didn’t work


I could be there on Sunday.


I will bring two ski mount magnets (pl. bring your skis if you have) so that the skis (on wooden/rubber bushings/blocks) + ginourmous magnets can hold the roof while you are jigsawing the roof.
Hope that works?
Is it ok if I message you a day before or couple of hours before going to VHS, just don’t know what exact time I am going to be there this weekend.


I think I’d go with the grinder right off the bat. They work great when the cuts are straight.


I don’t have skis, but I’m hoping I won’t need to go on the roof, should be able to get pretty close with a ladder, or will just use some spare planks to spread the weight if I need to get up there.

If you message me when you’re going to be there I can meet you no problem :slight_smile:


I pulled out our skis from storage, hopefully the skis will be used at least for this use!
See you then!


This sounds pretty epic. Takes lots of photos.