Have/Want Ham License? Pl. add your name to this list, Thank you!


Hello VHS-ARC,

Do you have or want a HAM Radio License? Or a sailing or wilderness enthusiast?

During Hurricane Katrina (lived in Texas then), HAM Radio was the ONLY RELIABLE communication, apart from emergency systems; not even Landlines worked!
At least one can send SOS (Save our Souls)!

I would highly recommend those having/wanting licenses to get involved in Emergency Communications (http://www.arrl.org/emergency-communications-training1).
Please add your name to the following list.


--------------------------------------------------LIST OF HAM LICENSEES (or who want to be)---------------------------------------------------------
(1) RK (@Rebel_without_Clause)
(2) …
(3) and so on.


A bunch of us got licensed a year or so ago:


Which means VHS Ham ARC list is 6 member strong, more would be better!
(1) @lukecyca
(2) @rsim
(3) @InezG
(4) @Rob_MacKenzie
(5) @Logan_Buchy
(6) @Rebel_without_Clause


(1) @lukecyca
(2) @rsim
(3) @InezG
(4) @Rob_MacKenzie
(5) @Logan_Buchy
(6) @Rebel_without_Clause
(7) @packetbob
And Vector (https://vectorradio.ca/about/) is a great group to get involved with…


Thanks for this reminder. I keep meaning to check out Vector and get more involved… and then I forget!


We had our VECTOR AGM last night and yes come join us.

I recommended a couple VECTOR members to the space last night.

So count me in as another VHS ARC member.


Thanks for the VECTOR link!


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