Hardening Metal

Hi there,

I am about to sign up as a member hopefully this week I am excited to get some project under way. I am just getting some materials put together so that I can get in there and really hit the ground running. I am just curious if there is anything in the metal shop that can be used to harden steel? Whether it be a small forge or torches or something along those line? And if there is anything in place to quench such things.

Thanks so much.

I do believe we have a small forge, though I am not sure we have something ready made for quenching. Come by on tuesday during open house and check out our gear, I am sure we can rig up something.

Thanks, yeah i was there a few weeks back for the open house and just couldn’t remember what was there. I think I’ll set up my membership tonight and then be able to come by and jump right in. And you’re right not to hard to rig something up was just curious. I could probably fine a metal pail from work with a nice lid that will do.

Thanks again for the reply.

No worries, looking forward to seeing all the cool things you make.

I made a mini knife forge and used canola oil to quench.
I can bring them down to the space if you like

That is exactly what i intend to be working on. Have worked on a few handles in the comfort of my cramped apartment and looking to take it over to the hack space. Once i get some material and a plan together i might hit you up on the offer that would be awesome.
Ive been trying to source some steel but got quoted a ridiculous price of $1500 for a plate of 12x24x.25. Do you have any knowledge of sourcing some good knife steel?

Have a look at
https://www.knifemaker.ca/ for materials. I’ve made a few recently out of S35VN that turned out nice. No need to forge. Cut the profile, grind and sand leaving the cutting edge blunt, then heat treat, then finish.

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That was my plan but when i went to source a plate of steel to cut from my quote was 1500 bux which i though was astronomical.

For sure. Quarter inch is pretty beefy. That material comes over size on the thickness. So I had to grind them down to desired thickness.

@Jeap I bought 2 lengths of this about a year ago.
They were $24.36 +tax each back then. Not sure why they are $42 now

If you want 1/2 a length for $15 I’ll being it down tonight.
I’ll also bring down the bricks etc for the mini forge if you want to see it

I’ve been meaning to call these guys in Ontario who supposedly carry CPM specialty steels. https://www.carpentertechnology.com/en/about/business-segments/distribution-businesses/distribution-pages/latrobe-specialty-metals-distribution

Thats a much better price than the 1500 for some 440c that i was trying to get from metal supermarket in Richmond. I think he must have miss typed a number. Are you going to be in there tonight for sure? I have a cpl things I gotta get done tonight but can send you a message into this tread around 530 to let yah know if i will be there. Dont want you to go through the hassel of going down for nothing.

Metal Supermarkets is absolutely asinine with pricing on stuff that they don’t have in stock. McMaster has some S30V on their website that I bought for the first knife I made.

@Jeap are you on Slack? I just made a knifemaking channel on there to share ideas. Anyone else is welcome there for sure.

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No dont know what that is… barely getting around the forum haha

@Jeap Yes, I am at VHS tonight

I just filled out my membership information and will come by tonight. Look forward to meeting yeah. I have a small hatchet project that I will start working on tonight so if you see me say Hi!


This is what I just made for christmas. Scales are 3d machined titanium.


Thats pretty cool beyond what I can do. I just started doing them here in December. But have a couple under my belt.

that is my most recent and these are a few i did prior.

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Sid you make the Damascus yourself?