Handplane Class - December 22nd

Hey all, just narrowing down a specific date, but I’m looking at doing a reprise of my 2019 “Intro to Hand Planes” class ( Intro to hand planes ).

Due to COVID and distance requirements, I’m only comfortable with 2 pupils at a time. 100% of the class proceeds will go to VHS. I’m thinking the class will be about 2.5 hours long. It intends to cover the following:

  • Basic theory of blades and relationship of hand planes to other tools
  • Basic overview of wood properties as they relate to woodworking
  • Anatomy of a hand plane.
  • Sharpening and Setup of a hand plane (using honing guides, freehand will not be discussed/demonstrated)
  • Accompanying devices and jigs for hand planes (shooting board, winding sticks, bench dogs)
  • Basic form and procedure for flattening, shooting, and specialty cuts

If this is interesting to you, I’m going to be asking for pupils to contribute $50* to VHS. To register, please respond to this thread**. First class will be at 9:00, Second class will be at 12:30 and the last class (only if we need the extra time, so please book this last) will start at 3:30.

*All my classes I try to offer discounted course fees if possible, since there are no consumables in this class, please feel free to contribute whatever you can if $50 is too much. Your economic situation is your own and I will never ask you how much you contributed.

** Please consider your registration a non-refundable registration. Because the slots are so limited, I ask that any no-shows maintain their contribution. If for some reason I am unable to make the day, I will reschedule to make up the class.


Hi! I’d be interested in this, at 12:30.

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I would be very interested. put me down for the 12:30 class.

Thank you for putting this on.

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Just bumping this. I learned to use and sharpen hand planes with Mike. It was great and well-worth attending. I highly recommend taking this if you can.


12:30 class is now full.


If you have a handplane, or a few, feel free to bring them to the class so we can do anything specific to your own plane, such as sharpening and setup


May I please have a slot for this class, I suppose 3 pm if you are not going to be too tired…

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Sounds good. I have 2 more slots for the morning class and one remaining for the 3:00pm

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I’ll take the 3pm one.

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The only slots left are the morning class at 9am. I’ll leave this open for the next day or so. If you intended to sign up for this class, please do so, otherwise I’ll be running more of these in the new year if there is demand.


Slots are now closed, if you didn’t get a chance to sign up I’ll run another one when there’s enough interest in 2021

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The currently signed up members are:
12:30pm @anuras @yeungx
3:00pm @3bien @Hekseskudd

Please be sure to sign up on Appointy so we can make sure there’s space for you in the booking plan. If you have problems signing up, please reach out in a DM.

See you tomorrow!

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Also, it is snowing right now. If you don’t have a safe way of getting to the hackspace (or for any other reason don’t want to go to the hackspace, please just let me know. Don’t allow this class to pressure you into anything unsafe. I’ll hold more of these in the future)