Halloween Costume Progress

Hey y’all!

I’ve been posting some pictures on slack, but I figured I could consolidate my Halloween 2021 costume progress in a thread here for better continuity and posterity.

There are quite a few parts to it, and I am super excited to make it all come together!


Step one required acquisition and dissection of several dolls. I then melted and mangled the ends to make them look more fleshy instead of ball-and-socket-doll-joint-y.

I accomplished this by melting the plastic with the hot air from an SMD-repair tool and pushing and pulling the melted plastic with tweezers. I had to hacksaw some of the more fleshy plastic on some of the legs to break them up more, and I repurposed unused torsos and pelvises to fill in the gaps on some of the heads and other torsos.

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Step two was to make the mangled fleshy mounds into mangled bloody mounds. I haven’t done a “horror” costume in a while- I’m not sure if I ever have? Anyhow, this is exciting.


Looks like the stuff of nightmares. Great job!

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More progress!


It is done!
Happy Halloween, y’all!



Okay that is awesome. Time for the tree to get some revenge.

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