Hacky Hallowe'en!

I’ve been meaning to do seasonal group-build events for awhile now… I even bought a bunch of cheap Valentine’s Day project kits (and a few not so cheap ones) but… time passed. You know how it is. I still have them, we can do that workshop in… uh, not very many months!

Anyway, Hallowe’en is coming up, and what better way to celebrate than with soldering? I ordered ten of these a few weeks ago, and now they’ve arrived!

I was thinking we might want to sacrifice one or two to try out first and see what kind of skill level is required. From a quick glance I don’t think they’re suitable for young kids, or adults with not very much patience. I had been thinking this would be a good outreach event, but these are probably too complex for general public. WDYT?

Who wants to do a test build with me? It’ll cost you a donation of $25 to the space (I’m donating the purchase price of the ten kits :slight_smile: For the eventual workshop I was thinking $30ish, we would need at least three VHSers to supervise/help during the day.

Check it out!

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Looks like fun!

Count me in

I do not really have anything on topic to say (because I outgrew and stopped celebrating Halloween years ago) but maybe you should not publish your home (?) address and telephone number unless you want this information to be public?

hah, thanks, it’s my old address but good point.

Boy, Hallowe’en has really snuck up on me!

I have the kits at home, but I don’t know if I’m going to have time to do a group thing.

If anyone wants one, let me know and I’ll put one in the dropbox with your name on it. :slight_smile: