Hacky Hallowe'en!

I’ve been meaning to do seasonal group-build events for awhile now… I even bought a bunch of cheap Valentine’s Day project kits (and a few not so cheap ones) but… time passed. You know how it is. I still have them, we can do that workshop in… uh, not very many months!

Anyway, Hallowe’en is coming up, and what better way to celebrate than with soldering? I ordered ten of these a few weeks ago, and now they’ve arrived!

I was thinking we might want to sacrifice one or two to try out first and see what kind of skill level is required. From a quick glance I don’t think they’re suitable for young kids, or adults with not very much patience. I had been thinking this would be a good outreach event, but these are probably too complex for general public. WDYT?

Who wants to do a test build with me? It’ll cost you a donation of $25 to the space (I’m donating the purchase price of the ten kits :slight_smile: For the eventual workshop I was thinking $30ish, we would need at least three VHSers to supervise/help during the day.

Check it out!

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Looks like fun!