Hacking for Holidays - Public Event - Dec 3, 12pm - 8pm

This will be the last Vancouver based “Hacking for the Holidays” event. This will have toys that have not yet been adapted, though I also plan to open it up to guests that want to learn / bring in a toy they specifically want adapted for their needs.

December 3rd is also “United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities” so we are also doing some outreach around this alignment of event and day of awareness.

For those of you unaware, switch operated toys usually are 10x the cost of a standard toy, and is essentially wiring a 3.5 mm jack in parallel with the power or core toy switches. We take battery operated toys, add an alternative switch input, and then are looking to gift them to Children’s Hospitals, Childhood development centres, and families with kids with disabilities, this holiday season.

We are aiming to adapt and gift 500 toys this holiday season, and are scheduling events. Let me know if there is interest in joining on Saturday, Dec 3rd. I will also be making an eventbrite to help promote locally.


Hello friends! This Saturday Dec 3 there will be toys toys toys waiting for adapting from 12 - 8. Feel free to join us!

Sign up: Hacking for the Holidays: VHS Toy Adapting - Makers Making Change

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Just bumping this event. Here’s the huge impact adapted toys can make. It’s been very rewarding to be part of this group.

Adapted Toys Allow Kids at CHEO to Play Independently - Neil Squire Society

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Sounds fun. I’ll pitch in… If I was a member.

Reminder this event is on saturday! Come on by any time between 12pm and 8pm. and stay as long as you’d like. Any time you can volunteer at this event is very welcome and there is no need to be present for the duration of the event! See you then.

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This is today! Come on down anytime and join in the fun! Adapting toys is very satisfying, a great way to learn about electronics plus here’s how these toys make a difference!


Just some of the toys hacked so far! There are lots more available and the event runs until 8pm so come on down anytime.