Hacking crab apples


Hey, folks, Ive got about 15lbs of crab apples that need to be hacked into something.

Let me know if anyones interested, what about Dominion cider, guess thats too small a batch.



Great source of pectin for other uses! Crabapple jelly doesn`t require the addition of pectin to set. You can boil the crabapples and save the liquid pectin, or add them to a jelly or jam recipe directly.


crab apple wine?
crab apple beer?

There’s a theme there but I can’t put my finger on it.



But to be clear, Im giving these apples away to anyone who wants to make cider (ie so I can get a bottle off them later …)


Pure crab apple cider is incredible! VERY tart and rich and a beautiful colour. Unfortunately 15lbs is only likely to yield 4L or so.

These should really go to someone making homemade cider. However if you have no other takers, I will happily add them to these bins. :smiley:


Those apples look very delicious. Looking forward to whatever you make from those :wink:


Crab Apple Ghost Chilli Pepper Sriracha or similar sauce? Will make a great tart and hot sauce!


Ooooooh, bear bait!


crab apple chutney!


I boiled em up and will ferment them with a kefir grain. Mildly alcoholic!


Just came across this. Cider Making Workshop at Science World This Sunday Sept 24th, 2017 7pm-9pm $12


Hi Marc, I would of course be into a cider pressing event, but these crabbers were getting a bit smushy; I mean they lasted longer than I expected, so found some time to chop n’ boil them up the other day. Lately Ive been fermenting redcurrant juice from a similar bounty of my own redcurrants - its makes a delicious fizzy drink thats quick and easy to make and you dont need a mother!



Wow that workshop looks cool. It’s sold out already.


I got a $12 book that explains it all. I followed it last year and made great cider. I got frozen apple juice from The Fruit Guy, but you can also use Santa Cruz organic 2.84L apple juice and use the same bottle to ferment it in.


Hey Bob - do you remember the name of the book?