Hackers, we need to talk about the Woodshop (Spoilers: clean up your old projects in 7 days)


So for the last few months I’ve been giving tours of the space. On several occasions guests have mentioned that the woodshop looks cluttered or a mess.

The pile of project wood has steadily accumulated to the point where it’s damaging the plastic that @Majicj put up to try and contain wood dust. This wood is leaning on peg board propped up by a Nokia workbench; it’s not a supporting wall and it’s not safe.

Dated materials date back several months. Here are the options that I see:

  1. Move it to project storage with a Parking Permit. See one of these folks on this list to get one: http://vanhack.ca/doku.php?id=tidyspacecommittee
  2. Take it home
  3. Toss it out

Anything with dates older than 30 days that it still there in 7 days time risks a Parking Ticket and Limbo after that. See http://vanhack.ca/doku.php?id=tidyspace for clarification on the policy.

Thank you for reading.


Andrew, when was that picture taken? It shows one of my projects that I shipped out earlier this afternoon…


Really? If I found a soldering iron on when I arrived at the space I would turn the thing off before I made a post on talk. So, if it was legitimately dangerous I would expect you that you would resolve this issue before making this post.

Well how about these options:

  1. Find a better place to store those projects. ( Even if your tetris skills suck this should be easy. )
  2. Create a storage area for these projects (We’ve got a metric fuckton of space).
  3. Talk to the owner ( have a conversation with him/her about it. )
  4. Leave it alone ( and let the owner deal with it.)

I suggest you read the tidy space policy.

You might feel frustrated when other people’s projects are left in your way. That’s understandable. But remember the rules. Be respectful and non-confrontational. Keep in mind that nobody’s perfect, and that lapses in policy cannot be blamed solely on one individual. Use the opportunity to improve the space’s operation through communication.

Please excuse me if you find this disrespectful/confrontational, that was not my intent…



The woodshop is much improved! Thanks to @Dmo and @Enquire for cleaning up their projects.

@Lantana, @Logan_Buchy, @nikelmwann : Can we look at trimming down your project materials so they fit better in Member Project Storage?


Sorry, I completely forgot I still had something there. I think I don’t actually need that board anymore. I can come remove it this week, unless anyone wants a free red cedar 1x6x8.


Board has been removed. Sorry about that!


it’s cool, thanks for taking it out of there