Hackaday Bring-a-Hack at VHS, Wednesday July 25th


Show Hackaday what you’ve built, Vancouver!

Hackaday is hosting a Bring-a-Hack event at Vancouver Hack Space in BC, Canada. Now is your chance to show off your projects new and old to your local community… and to the wider Hackaday world! We’ll be giving every hack 5 minutes of fame with show-and-tell style presentations. These presentations will be sandwiched between eating, drinking, and conversing with your favorite nerds! Plus Hackaday is always looking for the next cool project to highlight, so show us what you’ve got, Vancouver!


What time! How long!




I’ve put it down as 6:30pm - 10:30pm. The hackaday.io page for the event is currently incorrect for both the date and time, but that should be fixed shortly.


Two weeks till Hackaday at VHS!

Tons of time to get your hacks ready! :slight_smile:


So is someone / part of team in town from Hackaday? Or is this just us / SHHH style event?



Yes, some of the Hackaday crew will be in town, so they are coming to check out the space (and your hacks)! It should be a good time. I’ve got a couple projects I need to finish right quick.


COOL! Cause I just built a new, and slightly improved bug trap.

Gotta leave room for upgrades.


This is tomorrow everyone! It’s an awesome opportunity to get some visibility of the cool things going on around VHS - I hope everyone makes an effort to show up and show off! :smiley:


Do we have a bottom liner for the event? Is there a keyholder confirmed to open the space?


umm… me? hah



Great turnout tonite. Thank you to Hackaday for inspiration, pizza and beer!

Lots of very cool projects!

Our Hackaday Host Stephen Tranovich starts off the proceedings

David showing his Canadian Beaver

Talking about his CANBUS modules for automobile

Pete presenting his H.A.C.K.M.E. robot arm

Derek with his lipsync modes using hall sensors

Andrew’s project

Showing telescope telemetry hack using hall sensors

Showing miniature traffic lights he built for his son. 4 lights which are networked.

Mike with his Ukulele build

Showing their LED Clock, MP3 Player and one other device

Sean demonstrating the VHS plastic injection Molding machine

Jade talking about circuit board layouts Upverter.

Derek showing his lipsync improvements to Stephen from Hackaday and guest.

Stephen Taking a ride on the Canadian Beaver

Rob talks about his Bilge Pump Controller

Dan shows off his fruit fly trap “Debugger”


Awesome photos, thanks, @Majicj


Great photos! I’m really sad I missed this. @Daniel_DeGagne could you create a new post with details of your debugger? That sounds like a very interested project!


@lukecyca I was also intrigued by this so I did some googling. Check this out. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:448511


I’ve had some very good responses for the design from some restaurant people I know so I’m looking into a possible Kickstarter with it. Not thinking I can get rich off of it but I figure the credit for other ideas I have might be worth the trouble.

That being the plan I don’t plan to publicly post anymore information on the debugger till after the campaign. Successful or Not. Or if I just figure its not worth the hassle.

BUT I’m glad to share privately the information. I want to have more feedback on the design and more tests on its use.