Guaging interest in a Rhino 3D workshop on zoom

Hey everybody,
The covid has really pur the brakes on my hackspace time. So I was hoping to teach a workshop on something that might be useful for members. So this post is to see if there’s any interest in a workshop on Rhino 3D. It’s the program I use for modelling and 3d work. They have a 4 month trial version that can be downloaded here:

So I’ve never done one of these before especially on zoom so no promises on quality and I think my first workshop should be a “by donation to the space” endeavor.
We’ll start small so like 5-10 people.
If like to have a while to prepare so I’m thinking August 13th (Thursday)

Also I’ll take all the help I can get premoting this ect.


This is cool.

A quick poll to gauge interest for an Online Rhino Workshop.

  • Yes I would attend
  • No I won’t attend
  • Undecided

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would you be up for non members to join?

Sure I’m open to that

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Thanks for that

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Rhino is an awesome CAD tool. I’m a big fan of it both for 3-D and 2-D drafting. It’s not parametric, but you can work around that by using construction lines and object snaps, which can be a lot faster and less frustrating for many applications (YMMV)

There’s also a wicked plug-in community, who have written everything from involute gear teeth builders to Grasshopper, which is a visual programming environment that is good for building generative algorithms.

Bonus: Rhino can be run off of the command line; no more digging through menus for your favourite commands.

The initial learning curve is pretty steep on this program, so it’s a really good idea to start off by taking a workshop, such as the one Tim is offering, where you can get your specific questions answered in real time.

So I’m thinking cause this has been quiet that I’ll wait for less scary times or move to a more tempting topic then