Growing Plants on West Lawn


Hi all, I was wondering about the grass on the side of the building; is maintaining/mowing this area our responsibility or the landlord’s? If it’s ours, what are some simple/low maintenance ways to make this green space better? My idea would be to buy a bag of wildflower seeds and spread them over the whole lawn to make it look like this: Another possibility (with permission from the landlord of course) would be to build several raised planter beds for a VHS community garden; I wonder if the city would give us money to do that?

Any thoughts?


It looks like we are responsible for landscaping:



The Tenant shall at all times during the Term at its own cost and expense repair, maintain, and
keep in good state of repair the Premises and all improvements, equipment and fixtures therein
contained, including, without limiting the foregoing, walls, floors, ceiling, exterior and interior
doors, windows, glass partitions, glass and plate glass within the Building or attached to or
forming part of any exterior or partition wall of the Building, heating, ventilating, air-conditioning,
mechanical, plumbing and electrical equipment and fixtures within the Building, all roof areas,
fencing, paved areas and landscaping.


Cat-head topiary? Yes please! :wink:

But srsly if we are thinking mural long term we might want to take any plant/garden design stuff into consideration so the mural can be seen. Mural stuff is likely a ways off tho.


We used birdsfoot trefoil to smother out other weeds. It is extremely drought hardy and grows in compacted ground.
It might not be the perfect choice. An idea to start the discussion and search.


Might need one of these on the grass.


Now that is very cool!


I am strongly in favor and will assist in watering aftet if we rent a rotatiller first. Wildflowers look great and are an easy first step with zero upkeep. A raised planting bed would ultimately be desirable as a community garden would endeer us with the neighbours but low priority atm.
Note: Lead paint contamination would necessitate the raised bed and new soil brought in if anything enable is grown.


I think a mason bee house would be cool too. They can apparently gather/pollinate up to 100m from the house.
Though the West wall isn’t ideal it would work.


Fun fact, it looks like our property line ends at the building


Which means all that garden between the building and sidewalk is most likely City of Vancouver land.
Good news though, you can garden on Boulevards.
See guidelines here: