Group buy: Kreg pocket hole jig for the wood shop

I recently built some cabinets with a little single hole pocket hole jig and a few members expressed interest in adding a proper pocket hole jig to the woodshop arsenal.

So whoever would find value in such an awesome tool and would like to pitch in, let me know!

If you haven’t heard of pocket hole joinery, it’s a really easy and super strong way to screw together cabinets or anything else made of materials 1/2"-1 1/2" thick.

There’s a few levels of jig available, so depending on how much we raise we can get the fancier setup.

$69 buys a dual-hole jig and a face clamp

$139 buys a bench-top system

$199 buys a bench top system with a screw set and vacuum attachment

I’ll pitch in $10 to get this started and donate about $60 worth of stuff left over from my project, (screws, bits, and the little jig)

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I can also pitch in $10

Thanks Tristan :slight_smile:

Put me down for $20, thanks for organizing Tristan.

10 bux from me.

Maybe consider ordering from Lee Valley Tools instead of Amazon? Supports a local(ish) company.

Check out. Lee Valley Tools Kreg


Cool, will definitely check lee valley for all this sort of thing, surprised they’re the same price

I’m in for $10.

Im in for 10$

Hi Tristin, I suggest getting the $139 unit from Lee Valley as it appears to be the same unit as the $199 unit from Amazon (without the carrying case for the screws) … for $60 I can supply my own screws and the case will run out of screws eventually anyway. I’d also suggest picking up the vacuum adapter for $3.

Oh yes, put me down for $25.

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I’m in with $10 ! Thanks for doing this Tristan.

it appears to be the same unit as the $199 unit from Amazon (without the carrying case for the screws) for $60 I can supply my own screws

especially when the screw case on it’s own appears to be $45.

Yup, I probably should’ve spent more than 5 mins researching this. I knew there was probably a better deal in buying the parts separately and/or from somewhere else, so I’m glad y’all are figuring it out.

Looks like this has raised $105 so far, which is $52 short of the $156.8(taxes in) for the K4 from lee valley.

If we don’t reach that goal soon we could get the R3 and a bunch of screws and a face clamp, or we can leave this open until we can get the K4.

Don’t forget that VHS chips in a certain percentage (20%-30%)for group buys. I forget what the exact number is.

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While that is super cool…should we still do that? Might be a good time to save money. If not and it’s part of our bylaws etc. ignore my penny pinching ramblings! :smiley:


Yeah VHS shouldn’t be spending any money that isn’t necessary imo, I think most members would agree on that



The K5, K4, K3 systems are currently on sale at Amzn. The K5 is $130, the K4 is $100

I’ll throw in $10

Thanks for that find @hectorh. Comes out to 145 w/ taxes - but delivery will be November 10th or so…

Well, how urgent is it?

That’s a pretty great sale, I’ll just buy one now and continue this thread until it reaches the goal. Does anyone have experience with these systems to decide whether the K5 is worth the extra $30 over the K4?

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