GROOVY Men's tie-dye t-shirts for SUPER SALE

Hi hackers,

I have 3 men’s shirts size large that didn’t turn out the way I planned while dyeing them. Nonetheless, I am selling them to recoup their costs instead of getting rid of them.

I added some witty puns on them to sell them and recoup their costs. I am selling them for $20 and from each shirt sold, $5 will go to the Hackspace as a donation to this resourceful place of geniuses. That is, if someone from the hackspace buys them. Shirts of this quality can go up to $200 or more.

You can reach out to me if you’d like to try one on for yourself, I live very close to the Hackspace.

What will you be getting at only $20 when these types of shirts can retail up to over $200?

1. Dyed with professional, non-toxic, permanent dyes
These t-shirts have been dyed with professional, top quality dye formula Procion MX. These dyes are non-toxic and have a strong covalent bond with cellulosic fibers, making it the most permanent and washfast of all dyestuffs.

2. Materials of T-Shirt
Shirt material is 100% cotton, making it breathable and moisture controlling- it will not show perspiration like synthetics. It’s great to wear cotton around spaces with not the best ventilation system such as the Hackspace. The material is not too thick or too thin, it’s just perfect, providing a flattering drape over the body.

3. Style of T-Shirt
The design of the t-shirt is a “long fit”. This “long fit” design is created with a curved hem, meaning, the sides are raised, making it a flattering “long fit” t-shirt for many body types and heights.

4. One of a kind design
There’s no other design like this out there.

5. Unisex
These shirts can be worn by women too. Pair it with leggings or wear it to lounge at home.




Hi Mary, these are great. if they are still available I’ll purchase the state of mind and the black sheep ones.

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Hey Pat, they are. Let me know when you’d like to get them. I’m close to hackspace. I live about two blocks away :+1:

Hi Mary,

My time is pretty open. How are your mornings?

Tomorrow I’m good to meet after 3pm, otherwise Saturday/Sunday morning or Monday, Wednesdays and Friday mornings next week so far

Hi Mary, I’ll come by for 3pm and see you whenever you can make it. Thanks for your time.

Tnx Pat, I may be there at around 3.30 or 4.