Greetings Vancity Hackspace


Hey everybody,

Just piping in to Say hi and talk a bit about what I’m into.

Currently I am in the process of building a basic kitchen table. I got the wood milled years ago, brought it to Edmonton where it sat in a garage, and now I am doing things with it. I made use of the joiner to get my boards together. Now I am onto making legs and such, not much to it.

Next project will probably be a custom cabinet for my Boler trailer. Again, pretty straight forward, and I have some wood in mind. Said Boler is a vintage piece in need of all manner of maintenance. While I am sure it would fit in the loading dock, I would want to get assent from all the cardholders before parking it there for a month while I pulled it apart and re-built it.

Other interests include:

  • Anything to do with radiation, sources, beta lights, Geiger counters, scintillometers,
  • Prototyping on Arduinos.
  • Specialty drones.

Did I mention I am an arborist? I come across nice wood from time to time, I have connections for milling, all that is needed is space for curing.

Also, can someone please add me to the Slack workspace? I hear there is a lot of networking that happens there especially relating to when VHS is open which will need until people vouch for my keyholdership.



Welcome! Great to have you here!

If you check out and log in there, you’ll find you can set up your slack login through the Get Involved tab.



e-mail verification failed.

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Hi Eric, can you try a password reset? I’m not really part of the nomos system but I’m sure someone involved will see this soon.


Also make sure to send the membership application email in, according to the instructions on


Membership information was sent 20-Nov-2018 per the instructions.


Looks like the e-mail verification error after the password reset was part of a time delay. I waited a few hours, tried again. I have successfully logged in and made a request to join the Slack Workspace. Thank you.