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I’ve recently been arm-twisted, cajoled and railroaded into being the President of the Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild (GVWG). It is an extremely active group with well over a hundred members, a great website, very informative monthly newsletter, a couple of different educational programs and attendance of 50 to 70 people at its monthly meetings.

One of my personal mandates is to introduce members of the maker community to woodturning in the hopes of attracting new members from a community that will bring fresh perspectives, culture and energy to the GVWG.

I’ve been watching with great interest as @mike has been creating a woodturning sub-group within the VHS. I would like to extend an invitation to all VHS members who have become interested in woodturning or are simply curious to check out our website and attend our next meeting on March 22nd at the Sapperton Pensioners Hall, which is about 2 blocks from Sapperton Skytrain Station. There is also free parking at the rear of the hall if you get there early enough.


Awesome! I keep meaning to go but I keep missing them.

What time does it start, and when does it end?



Things start to get going at about 6:30pm with the Pre-meeting demos and a couple of discussion groups. The main meeting and presentations start at 7pm. It can wrap up anytime from about 9 to 10pm depending on what’s going on.


Lovely - thank you @stevemopolis. I can’t think of a better person to be railroaded into being the President of the Greater Vancouver Wood Turners Guild. Looking forward to attending a meeting and bringing some VHSers.


Also, as a cross promotion, there will be 2 wood turning classes before the next guild meeting. Hopefully we will have some good turnout! Check out the wood turning sign up post if you are interested in my class.

Wood Turning Class - Sign up list

The next Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild meeting is Thursday, March 22nd at the Sapperton Pensioners Hall, which is about 2 blocks from Sapperton Skytrain Station. There is also free parking at the rear of the hall if you get there early enough.

The main event is Bruce Campbell demonstrating techniques for turning bamboo. Before the main event there is a Focus on Fundamentals demonstration for new turners.

I highly encourage the VHS woodturners to attend a meeting as my guest. You find the demonstrations and members’s “Instant Gallery” to be entertaining, highly informative and definitely inspirational. If you are able to attend, be sure to hunt me down and say hi - I won’t be hard to find.




I can’t make the turners meeting but from what I hear it is very worth going to. If VHSers for please take lots of pics.


I plan on going, and I’ll bring my first bowl, though I think I screwed it up I would love advice where it can be had.


REMINDER: This is tonight!


It was fantastic!


It was great that you and @mike could make it out. Sorry I didn’t have more time to chat with you but, with my new role in the guild, I was run off my feet getting organized. Nevertheless, I hope you found it interesting and are inspired to turn some cool stuff. Thanks so much for bringing the bamboo bowl to show off!


The next Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild monthly meeting will be held on April 26th at 6pm at the Sapperton Pensioners Hall in New Westminster.

This month’s meeting should be of particular interest to new turners. The main event will be a presentation on tool handling and technique that expands on the basic Anchor – Bevel – Cut approach to teaching woodturning. The deficiencies in that description are often the root of many of the difficulties that new (and sometimes experienced) turners struggle with. There will also be an explanation of the four basic causes of catches.

Again, I encourage VHS members who are taking up woodturning or are merely curious to attend as my guest. As usual there will also be an Instant Gallery and display of items for the month’s President’s Challenge which is “spring”. Even if you are a new turner, I would encourage attendees to bring a recent project for the Instant Gallery or President’s Challenge and be entered into a draw for a number of great prizes.


These are HIGHLY recommended. Even if you are new to woodturning, there is a lot of value to be had. If you have turned anything and would love to engage in constructive discussion about it, bring your piece and enter it into the Instant Gallery. It is a lot less scary than it sounds.

I hope to see a bunch of you there!

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