Great condition 90's-era PC to give away

Hey gang. Im getting rid of my mid-90s childhood PC. It boots up. Seems to function perfectly. I’d hate to send to recycling something that has good old components and works. Would anyone want it?

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Hi ZgZg,

Thank you for your offer, does it have a working Parallel Port? This is to directly turn ON & OFF relays.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you,

Hey. I wish I could tell you but I have no idea how to test a parallel port. I’d guess it does because the floppy disk drives both work. The last time I used a computer like this was probably 1996. Happy to send you photos if you like.

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@Rebel_without_Clause I have an older HP desktop with a parallel port I am about to take to recycle.
gen 3 i7 4GB RAM, no hard drive. You are welcome to pick it up in New Westminster.
Message me if interested

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Please send me the photo of the peripheral ports, thank you!

in case this helps at all. pls disregard cringe as hell skateboard sticker.

Looks like an 80586-class, not 80686-class, CPU so it will likely hang if anything, including some DOS applications, tries to use a CMOV (Conditional Move) instruction. I had that problem (crash/hang due to invalid opcode exception) on the Asus P5A-B (-B for Baby AT) short tower computer with 350-MHz AMD K6-2 CPU that my family had and that I am still hoarding but literally never use any more. Apparently the -S suffix to Pentium indicates that the CPU uses Socket 7 instead of Socket 5.

The Thermal Design Power rating of these Socket 5 and Socket 7 CPUs is really low even compared to the Pentium II CPUs such as the 400-MHz Pentium II I have in an Asus P2B ATX tower computer but the computer of the OP looks like it is AT instead of ATX so I guess one cannot use a picoPSU to eliminate the fan in the power supply. I wonder if the lack of the -5VDC output with the picoPSU matters for this 1995 computer.

The motherboard firmware from 1995 may also have a maximum of around 500 MB or 8 GB for the PATA host controller. Maybe not, though, because the IBM ThinkPad 755CD from 1995 that I have seems to work fine with a 32-GB drive, specifically a CompactFlash PATA SSD.