Getting the Word Out About MMC Vancouver Chapter - bikeshed this thread!

Now that the Vancouver Chapter is rolling step 2 is getting the word out. While we may be unable to do group events at vhs for a while there are likely other opportunities out there in the near future (e.g. going in to schools etc). Either way this is definitely the time to let people know about us.

(Also if you’re new to VHS, here’s some info about the amazing folks at Makers Making Change. Join us on the VHS slack to learn more about the MMC Vancouver Chapter which is based out of VHS).

To get us rolling here are some ideas for discussion:

  • Add Website Content about MMC (what to add, where?)
  • Mailing list signup? (necessary? wordpress, mailchimp, other?)
  • Social media accounts? (use vhs, set up separate accounts?)
  • Introduction Campaign? (“first contact” outreach to institutions and orgs in Van, media, etc)
  • Chapter leaders (ideally we’d have more than one, anyone interested in being a co-leader? Join me!)
  • Anything anyone would specifically like to do?
  • Other activities?
  • Other thoughts?

Please bikeshed!


If you need videos made, give me a shout.
I can give you the production value of a small budget Korean Drama.


Thanks so much @yeungx that would be fantastic. Will hit you up.

We’d be happy to support some MMC activities at Britannia. Maybe we should find some time to chat in the fall.

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Thanks Craig - that’s fantastic. I’ll pm you. Looking forward to chatting more. Cheers.