Getting Rid Of Stuff - Free or Kinda Cheap

Still trying to make room in my garage…
Here are some items for free (or pretty cheap)
Can donate to the Space but don`t want to clutter things up…

12V 60A DC Server Power Supplies - Free
Easy to modify to run constantly
Have 1 of them left

Model Ship Plans - Gone
From the 50`s I think…
My dad was into model clipper ships back in the day…
They are just gathering dust with me

Small Ethernet Switches - Gone

Traffic Lights - Gone
These are actually from @TomKeddie
They run on 120V and the round ones are about 11 in diameter

Axiom 25 MIDI Keyboard - Gone
Everything works except the aftertouch as the sensor was damaged by a spill of something…
The inside and keys have been cleaned (though the outside is a bit dusty)

Apple Airport - $10
Replaced with a Ubiquiti system

Apple Airport Extreme - $10
Replaced with a Ubiquiti system

Zhaoxin DC Power Supply - $60
0-30V, 0-5A
Can be set for CC (constant current) or CV (constant voltage)


Somebody should scan those ship plans and put them on t-shirts.


I want those traffic lights…

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I’ll take the ship plans, my brother will love them.

Wheels for the zucchini race?

I’d like the ethernet switches please.

Ill take the midi keyboard

I can find a home for 2 of those 12v 60A PSUs. I’m certain I can find a use for 1500W of angry pixies. :slight_smile:

I can pick 'em up from you next time I’m out capering, or if you mark them for me at the space & tell me they’re there, I’ll go there instead. :slight_smile:

I’ll take 2 PSUs as well

@Gavitron @TyIsI
Left 2 power supplies each on top of the server rack…


@Brad - Left them in the drop box

@Lukeo - Left it on top of the drop box

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I’ll take one of the server power supplies please

@hectorh - Left your power supply in the drop box

@JohnC I have one more random amber one if you want it.

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