Geeky garage sale

Tangible Interactions is organizing a garage sale of electronics parts, lights, computers, led screens etc
Lots of geeky stuff


The garage sale was excellent…
Thanks for posting about it…


no problem. I hope you score some good stuff. We may have another one since there is still lots left. We may do an inventory for the next one


Hi, we have a lot of stuff at the studio that has been moved to the free pile and will then be sent to electronics recycling. We’ll be open the next couple of days 9 to 5 for people to go through it.
There are a lot of valuable things in there. If interested get in touch to come alone or as a group.


Can you post a few picture of the piles to entice potential takers?


Any of those mac mini’s left? I would love to get one or two.

Yup I still have a bunch

Alex Beim
Tangible Interaction

Same here could make use of 1 or 2.

While the was (is) a huge free pile of goodies I don’t think the Macs are in the free pile (in the event anyone misreads the thread)…
Unless of course that I’m wrong…

Right, i was not expecting free.

Would love a Mac Mini for my boy. He currently has a 2009 model.

Apparently they are open for a few more days.

9-5pm at 160-220 Victoria Drive. Mon-Fri?

Feel free to drop by and grab whatever you want.


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If you zoom in on the photo you can see the prices in pink marker.

It belongs to Alex. How do I reach Alex?

Alex is part of Tangible Interations, who are hosting the garage sale at the address posted above, and they are selling the Mac Minis for the prices shown in the picture.

He arrived eventually in a rad VW van. I bought a few things. Thanks!

Hey what’s that box of red lights?

Today I passed off to an Occupational Therapist working with a kid in a wheelchair a “press button make light” project (from Bob’s workshop this weekend). Thought it would be a one off but she is thinking of a dozen kids that would benefit from one in her schools. Can those lights be battery powered?

It’s a professional lighting setup with a rackmount controller, not portable unfortunately. Asking price was $200 as I recall.