Future of stored VHS ARC equipment


@Majicj posted this on the Slack #random channel yesterday. Cross-posting it here for more visibility:

Is anyone interested in VHS Arc stuff? Box is looking pretty unloved. Possible candidate for the 3 week bin?


Let’s keep the HAM & RF things, the instruments are quite well loved by many Electronics hobbyists!
During Hurricane Katrina (lived in Texas then), HAM Radio was the ONLY RELIABLE communication, apart from emergency systems; not even Landlines worked :frowning:
At least one can send SOS (Save our Souls)!
I would highly recommend those having/wanting licenses to get involved in Emergency Communications (http://www.arrl.org/emergency-communications-training).


I think the real question is: are there any of those hobbyists that want to love these still active at VHS? If they remain at VHS, the stuff should be actively used/maintained, and organized.


Hi Hammies/Hammers,
Please add your name to the list if you are/want to do HAM Radio, Thank you!
Or if you are just suffering from HAMnesia and are “maybe”, please do so as well!

--------------------------------------------List of Hammies-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(1) RK (Rebel_without_Clause)
(2) … and so on.


I appreciate ham radios especially for the zombie apocalypse but personally I feel if it’s not being actively used by VHSers I think it should go. We can’t afford to store stuff. Maybe you could take it home @Rebel_without_Clause? Not sure what others think.


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