Fusion 360 Night TONIGHT (September 4th) at 7pm

We will kick off the night with an intro to Fusion360, and as the night progresses we will get into interactive events and user demos. Join us at 7pm!

Since there’s another event happening at the same time, we will either kick it near the back or in the front room. Location TBD but we’ll figure it out.


  • Intro to Fusion360 Demo - Use real-world reference to make practical parts
  • Round-Robin CAD - Let’s all make something together! Each person has 1 minute to push a design toward the goal, we will swap keyboard and mouse after one minute and see what we end up with.
  • Community Showcase and Share - Sign up at the beginning of the night to demo what you’ve made
  • General Chat and Cleanup

I highly recommend hanging out with Mike for Fusion stuff. I attended his last session which was great and what I needed to get started.


Updated title!

Please DM me if you have something you would like to share. If you want to share the file, I can try to pre-cache it so we don’t have to swap cables as often.

Might be worth doing this as the new donated printer seems to need it. 3d printer donation

No pressure.

Thanks @mike for getting this together. A nice turnout for a first F360 event at VHS. About 9 folks over the course of the evening. Always interesting seeing what everyone is building and cool to see new ways of solving design challenges!

Hope to see more of these at VHS!