Funding for Accessibility of the space

Hi I wanted to share that Gov of Canada has released a call for the Enabling Accessibility Fund. It helps cover the cost of making improvements to accessibility of spaces.

It covers up to $100,000 and we can put in flat rate for some items. What is nice about the flat rate application cost is if we use "hacker"power for some labour there may be a way to recoup some cost. Or we could hire contractor. Past years there was a co-pay, but doesnt look like that is a case this time. I may have missed though, just done first skim and need to dig into.

I know we are focused on making rent, not renovations, but I think this pays for it and makes a good team build?

Has bunch of info for accessibility best practices when building solutions to boot:

I can help with the app but certainly need assistance in how we would do it. The biggest accessibility barrier is the washroom in my eyes, with the steps and narrow hallways. I honestly dont know how to best address. Entry being different level also not ideal but the bay doors work, but perhaps thoughts there. But the washrooms is #1 barrier in my eyes.

And this seems to be a good reason to leave this here, Gov of Canada just released a video with a couple of my favourite VHSers.


I’ll definitely be taking a look at this. Thanks Chad!


There has been some discussion about using the metal shop door for the accessible entrance, and that’s actually why we put the light switch right there. The bathrooms are indeed the biggest challenge. Our renovations to that effect probably require us to build a ramp through the server room. Which wouldn’t be the end of the world, but we’d need to get an engineer in.

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