Free unused lithium cell phone batteries

I have a full carton each of Nokia BL-5J and BL-6F lithium cell phone batteries that I’d like to offer to anyone who wants to take the lot. They are brand new, never used. There are about 150 of each type in the two cartons. You would have to come out to Richmond to get them. A quick check on eBay shows them going for about $7 to $10 each so it is possibly a revenue opportunity for some one more enterprising than me. Contact me privately if you are interested.

bl6f battery
bl5j battery

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I should also mention, and I’m sure most already were aware, that these are great for powering small projects.

I’m interested! PM sent

Nokia… What a time. :purple_heart:

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These are gone now. Paul says he’s willing to share with VHS members if you are interested in a few of them.

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