Free stuff - up for grabs

@JohnC and I have been trying to clear out a bunch of the ewaste and expired curiosities from the electronics and worktable area. The unused parts bins were posted a week ago on Slack, and so today we put the last few in the alley with a free sign.

Here are some more items. First come first served. If these are still around in a week we’ll ewaste them.

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Also this subwoofer. I tried to fix it and found the integrated amp keeps immediately blowing its fuse. You could try fix the amp, but easier would be to bypass it and power it from an external amp. The enclosure and speaker cone is in perfect shape.

Fun thing about those subwoofers, they are really good for doing the frozen water effect if you run a tone through that syncs to your camera shutter speed:
Best to have LOTS of light to minimize your shutter angle.

Not all of us are on Slack … What parts did you put out last week?

I’ll come by tomorrow to grab that printer for my scanner project. Thanks!

There were some empty parts bins (drawer units) after John organized them onto one wall. Many with broken/mismatched drawers, and all of them filthy. They’ve been sitting on the floor for a couple weeks now. Last week I posted a photo on Slack to encourage folks to take them if they want.

My goal is for the floor to stay clean around the electronics benches and parts shelves. It’s been a dumping ground for e-waste and abandoned projects for a long time, and makes it difficult to use the electronics benches.

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I thought Wes was working on a project involving a dot matrix printer. (I may be mistaken). Could that be his?

He said he didn’t use it


Correct, it’s up for grabs!

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Speaking of which, I’ll be taking the E-Waste to the Hackery tomorrow afternoon!


Amazing. The electronics area is going to be so tidy once the ewaste is gone. Thanks for all you’ve put into this.